Nikeata Thompson

Nikeata Thompson the successful star and stage choreographer, famous for her Jamaican heart, British  style and German education.
Born in the UK in 1980, the former sportswoman has been living in Germany for over 30 years and has been going her own way ever since. Her youth was marked as a successful athlete in hurdle running with the results of  National Champion.
At the age of 19 Nikeata pursued professional dancing. Working with some of the most credible domestic Hip Hop artists, Nikeata built a strong reputation in the industry. She became the go to Dancer and Choreographer for cutting edge dancing in the country. Multiple tours, videos, TV appearances, stage coaching, working with directors for movies and commercials, in front and behind  the camera didn`t stay unnoticed. Nikeata has also worked with Tom Hanks, Sean Paul and Robin Schulz to name a few. 
Fueling her love for choreography, Nikeata put together a platform for dancers that mirrored her credibility and artistic integrity. She opened “NT Dance Agency” to expose the mainstream audience to “Urban Dancing” on another level. More than 150 dancers can be found in the agency's international portfolio.
Nikeata has appeared in successful TV Shows such as GOT TO DANCE and The Voice of Germany. Currently, Nikeata appears in this season of "Germany's Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum“. She works as catwalk coach in team diversity for Michael Michalsky. 
As a testament to Nikeata’s athleticism and fitness regimen, she has been featured in various publications such as Woman’s Health. She is also the Brand Ambassador for PUMA Athletics as well as the Classic Division of the company in 2017/2018.
Nikeata continues to share her passion for dance and fitness with the world. This year, the multitalented Nikeata launched the URBAN DANCE SCHOOL, making its popular choreographies accessible to all interested parties.